Sponsored by JARTS (President: JA1JDD / President Emeritus: JA1ACB)
Supported by
Japanese "CQ ham radio" Magazine

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the 25th WW RTTY CONTEST conducted by the Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society, JARTS.

Contest Period: 0000UTC Saturday, Oct. 15 thru 2359UTC Sunday, Oct.16
You can operate whole 48 hours.
3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz
Japanese Bandplans Here
MODE: Baudot only
Classes: SOHP - Single Op, All Band, High Power (No Power Limit)
SOLP - Single Op, All Band, Low Power (RF output is not greater than 100W)    
MO - Multi Op, All Band (permitted multi TX, No Power Limit)
* There is no limitation to use any DX Cluster.

* Remote operation is permitted if the physical location of transmitters, receivers, and antennas are at one station location.
A remotely operated station must obey all station license, operator license, and category limitations.
* The Committee reserves the right to change the category of any entry(including Check Log) based on its examination of the log or other information.
Exchange: SOHP and SOLP : RST and Operator Age. 00(zero zero) acceptable for YL.
MO  : RST and Callsign Holder's Age.    If the MO Club Station :  RST and 99
QSO Points: Two(2), QSO point for contact within your own continent.
Three(3), QSO point for contacts outside your own continent.
Multiplier: A) Each DXCC entity except JA/W/VE/VK(mainland).
B) Each call area of JA/W/VE/VK(mainland).
* Each multiplier is counted as a Multi point only once a band.
* You can count your own entity or call area (JA,W,VE,VK) as a Multi point.
* "CALL AREA" is the last letter of the prefix.
  Examples: JA1, 7K1 are counted as JA1 and JR4, 7L4 are counted as JA4.
* Each portable designator is counted as a Multi.
 Examples: JA2xxx/3, 7K2yyy/3 as JA3 and KH2/JH3uuu, JR5vvv/KH2 as KH2.
Scoring: (QSO points) x (sum of entities and call areas)

1st plaque to Top Winner in SOHP and SOLP in World and Japan.
1st thru 3rd place  Certificate to SOHP and SOLP in each continent and Japan

1st thru 3rd place  Certificate to MO in World and Japan.

*Stations competing for Awards should provide accurate frequencies in kHz for all contacts in the log. The Logs without frequencies is not considered for the awards, the plaque and certificate will be awarded to the runner-up in that category


Cabrillo logs are required.    Version 3.0 is recommended, Version 2.0 also continues to accept.            
The Cabrillo log should be attached as a file.
The files must be named the participants callsign,  for example 
Put the callsign in the "Subject:" line of the email,  for example  JA1YCQ 
* Only an ASCII character can be used for the log. (Double byte character is not allowed.)

Submit log to      log@jarts.jp   

Deadline: Logs must be received by October 31 2016 to qualify.
You can find your callsign on Submitted Logs List within three days after you submitted your log.
* Logs submitted after the deadline are not eligible for awards.
Any questions:         questions@jarts.jp
Steering committer
      JS1OYN, JA2KCY
Manager: 7L4IOU

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